Children’s Dentistry

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Children's dental health has a huge impact on their general wellbeing and should not be neglected.

Dietary and hygiene education should start very early in life. Good habits need to form in childhood to create the basis of a healthy dentition for life.

When it comes to children's dentistry, Importance of preventative dental care and regular check-ups can not be emphasised enough.

Neurontin mg, Neurontin 600 mg

At Torrensville Dental Care, we bulk bill Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule to make it easier for you to keep your child's teeth and gums in top condition.

A few important things to watch for as kids grow up:

Neurontin mg, Neurontin 600 mg

  • processed or packaged foods have a lot of added sugar and account for devastating tooth decay in children and adolescence. Sweet drinks including fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar  and should not be given to children regularly. Read the labels. Every 4 grams of sugar is one teaspoon.
  • 6 Year old molars: First adult teeth to erupt in the mouth are the 6-year-old molars. These are one the main chewing surfaces of the back teeth in our dentition. You need to make sure your child is brushing these back teeth really well and avoiding sugary foods as much as possible.
  • Incorrect jaw bone growth and development: An incorrect bite or jaw relations need to be diagnosed early so they can be treated as the child grows. Treatment of these issues in adulthood might require surgical intervention.
  • Traumatic injuries: Kid love to play and have fun and are often involved in several sporting activities. Get them a mouth guard and get them used to wearing it at all times while they play sports. You will save them and yourself a lot of heartache, trouble and expense. Dental traumatic injuries are not nice and teeth never heal.





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