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Veneers are essentially thin layers of porcelain carefully crafted to the dimensions of each individual tooth. Veneers can be likened to false fingernails, but far more sophisticated and durable. They improve the colour, size, texture and luster of the teeth immediately. The colour improvement of porcelain veneers is permanent and is less affected by staining substances such as red wine.

Traditionally veneers were done by cutting the top surface of the tooth and then adding the porcelain to the section that was removed. More modern materials allow porcelain to be very thin. This means the enamel of the tooth can remain intact allowing the procedure to be done with no local anaesthetic and no temporary fillings.

Dental veneers can also be done in resin materials. This procedure sometimes is called bonding. Resin veneers can improve the appearance of the teeth as well, but they are less durable compared to porcelain and are more prone to staining, and discolouration.

If you like to know more about dental veneers come in for a consult or call us on 71202719 to ask your questions.



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