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Whats the big deal about oral hygiene?

Healthy smile, healthier you: Why oral hygiene is so necessary Visiting your dentist on a regular basis does a lot more than keep a smile on your face and the dentists; it also keeps a smile on your GP. Keeping a regular 6-12 month check up with the dentist can keep you up to date…
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Medicare dental may cover your kids dental treatment

Did you know that you may be eligible to receive benefits from Medicare dental for your child's dental care? The Australian Government provides financial support for basic dental care to eligible families with children between the ages of 2 and 17. This scheme is intended to prevent dental disease and make sure our future generation…
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We’re open again!

Torrensville Dental Care was closed for a period of time as the previous principal Dr Bing Ma was diagnosed with a serious illness earlier this year and realised he would not be able to work any longer. Bing cared deeply for his patients and as such he took immediate steps to make sure they are well…
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Regular oral health seminars

One thing Dr. Amrein(Rosh) is passionate about in health education. We often spend a long time explaining to you why dental disease happens in the first place. Knowledge is power and when you know the reason why say you should brush regularly or eat less sugar then you are empowered to look after your health…
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Cheap dental tourism can end up more expensive

If you are tempted to get that crown or implant overseas, at least get a second opinion here. The other day I had a lovely patient who was told he needed 8 crowns. Since he couldn'd afford the treatment he decided that he wanted to explore the overseas option. His friend suggested he should just…
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A bit about cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become much more popular in the recent years as people's oral health has improved dramatically allowing them to focus on the appearance of their smile. There has ben extensive research on the psychological and social benefit of smiling. From increasing your self-esteem to increasing your level of happiness, the mere act of…
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