Cheap dental tourism can end up more expensive

If you are tempted to get that crown or implant overseas, at least get a second opinion here.

The other day I had a lovely patient who was told he needed 8 crowns. Since he couldn'd afford the treatment he decided that he wanted to explore the overseas option. His friend suggested he should just come in for a chat to see what can be done.

A quick look in his mouth was enough for me to know his treatment wasn't urgent. He would benefit from crowns but he could do it over a few years. Having multiple crowns done with the standards that are often not on par with what we have here would have been catastrophic.

I often see cases of complicated and expensive dentistry done in south-east Asia who present with serious complications after the procedure is completed. Sometimes these patients are shocked to know that including the cost of travel they could have had the procedure done here for a similar price.

You need to know that the standards of care, infection control and quality of materials are vastly superior in Australia. Do not risk your health. Or at least be completely informed about your options. Cheap dental tourism can end up more costly.

Come and chat to us about what needs to be done.You are under no obligation to proceed. At least you have the information from a trusted professional.