Preventative Care

Preventative care is the most important aspect of dentistry. Dental disease is preventable. A lot of patients put the poor state of their teeth to bad luck or genetics. This is not a healthy attitude to have. Apart from some forms of gum disease that have a strong genetic component and of course, dental disease caused by traumatic injury, most other dental issues are either diet related or are due to lack of proper hygiene.

Dental education is empowerment for many patients as they take control over their own oral health.

At Torrensville Dental Care we provide the following preventative care treatment:

-Dental education including diet and hygiene advice

-Advice regarding various preventative dental products

-Fluoride treatment when needed

- Scale and cleans

-Mouth guards and night guards

-Fissure sealants and preventative fillings


Remember always best to stop dental disease from happening in the first place. Prevention is far better than cure.