Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns, also known as porcelain crowns, are an excellent way to repair and restore badly broken down or heavily filled teeth.

Metal-free ceramic crowns are much more aesthetically pleasing than ones with a metal lining. Modern ceramic materials have equal strength to metal lined ceramics and can be used for a variety of situations.

Dr Amrein provides same-day crowns at her city clinic (Adelaide Cosmetic Dentistry), and Torrensville Dental Care patients are most welcome to use this service at that location.

When preparing a tooth for a crown, we do our utmost to preserve as much as the healthy tooth substance as possible. The enamel of the tooth is the hardest structure in the body, and as such, it needs to be preserved to give the tooth its stability and strength. Cutting the enamel to place a ceramic crown is counter-intuitive. It is better to use a material that allows us to remove the diseased part of the tooth and the old fillings and leave what healthy part we have left, intact. Modern ceramics like the same-day crown system used in our practices allows for this flexibility. It makes it possible to be "minimally invasive" and increase the lifespan of your tooth.

Ceramic Crowns are often recommended for teeth that have had root canal treatment. A root canal treated tooth is more brittle than a "vital" tooth. This means that a root canal treated tooth can break easily. A crown can prevent this devastating fractures that can lead to tooth loss.

When indicated, ceramic crowns can be used for front teeth that are heavily filled or chipped. They produce amazing results and are a useful tool for the aesthetic improvement of a smile. Dr Amrein has been creating beautiful smile makeovers using ceramic veneers and crowns for many years and can advise you if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Examples below are actual patients of Dr Amrein. Results can vary.



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