Dental Pain Relief

Dental Pain Relief

Trauma, inflammation or infection can cause dental pain. Dental relief of pain tries to get you out of discomfort and deal with the immediate symptoms of the problem.  Additional visits may be needed to treat the cause of the issue completely.

Relief of dental pain may include or start the following treatments:

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Treatment of gum disease
  • Extraction of terminal teeth
  • Temporization of the broken teeth

Dental pain can be caused due to some reasons:

Teeth are live tissues and have a nerve and blood vessel supply to them called the "pulp".

When teeth are decayed, the pulp tissue gets irritated, swollen or inflamed. This can cause the symptoms of sensitivity to hot and cold initially and eventuate in more severe throbbing pain. In these teeth, a root canal treatment needs to be performed to relieve the pain.

In some instances, the pulp dies slowly and if there is a leakage in an existing filling an abscess can develop at the base of the root. Tooth abscesses are not only very painful but also they can effect the essential health of a person in a serious way.

Gum disease is another reason for potential pain in the mouth. Gum disease when unchecked can affect the health of the bone that keeps the teeth in place. If left untreated the areas of bone loss around the teeth can become infected causing severe pain. Gum disease needs to be treated at an early stage to avoid serious complications.

If a tooth is terminal or if in consultation with you and after careful assessment we realise that an implant replacement will be a better option for you than persisting with a compromised tooth, then an extraction may be indicated.


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