Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Why use a Mouth Guard?

Children love sports, and we need to encourage them to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

Many of the most popular sports, however, are either contact sports or use a stick, bat or racket. Dental injuries from these sports can be horrific. Injuries can include:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Severely broken teeth
  • Broken jawbones

Treatments can end up very expensive, and long term as teeth do not heal up or re-grow. Teeth may need fillings, caps, root canal treatment or even may need to be replaced with implants when the child is older. Prevention of these injuries is far easier than dealing with the long-term consequences.

Accurate mouth guard impressions are essential!

Mouth guards will prevent the injury or dramatically reduce its impact.

It is important that mouth guards are made using an accurate impression the teeth. Store bought mouth guards will not have the necessary protection. The mouth guard has to sufficiently cover the gums and teeth and extend far enough under the lip to be effective.

If you are sporty or have a child who is keen on sports, organise a mouth guard for them and encourage them to wear it at all times while playing sports. This could be your biggest investment in their future dental health.

And if dental injuries occur, knowing what to do is essential. This article from the Australian Dental Association is an excellent guide:

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