Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care

Prevention is better than cure!

We have all heard the saying "prevention is better than cure" and this is particularly true for your dental health.

That's what is meant by preventative dental care. Most dental problems can be prevented in a far more affordable and comfortable way than trying to fix the issues in the dental chair.

Remember teeth do not heal up, so if there is a cavity in a tooth we have to maintain or re-fill the tooth several times during a lifetime. Preventative dental care includes:

  • Professional scale and cleans,
  • Fluoride treatments,
  • Oral hygiene and diet instructions
  • Regular check-ups make sure our mouths and our children's mouths remain healthy.

Diet and oral hygiene instructions, for example, sets proper habits for you to look after your mouth in between visits. We can teach you how to brush so you are not wearing your teeth away but at the same time removing plaque or what foods cause tooth decay and how we can minimise their harmful effects. These are some of the valuable information that your dentist or hygienist will familiarise you with.

Stay healthy with regular 6-monthly check-ups

At Torrensville Dental Care, we recommend a regular six monthly check up for most people. We are HCF providers so patients holding HCF private insurance can receive these treatments with no or little out-of-pocket expenses.

Medicare rebates for children

For Children eligible for Medicare rebate, these services are bulk-billed.

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