White fillings

White fillings

Tooth coloured fillings, or white fillings, are used more and more in modern dentistry for the treatment of dental decay as well as replacement of gold or amalgam fillings.

There are several types of materials used in dentistry that is tooth coloured. They vary in strength, durability and resistance to wear. They all have very different applications and need to be used correctly.

In children and young adults, small white fillings are used to stop decay progressing on the grooves and fissures of the back teeth. Some materials have fluoride release which adds extra protection for more vulnerable areas of teeth.

Ceramic materials are an excellent option for teeth that are badly broken down. They have excellent durability and strength, and aesthetically they are brilliant. Dr Amrein uses a one visit CEREC ceramic system on a daily basis and can advise you if a ceramic filling is a good option for you.



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