A bit about cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has become much more popular in the recent years as people's oral health has improved dramatically allowing them to focus on the appearance of their smile.

There has ben extensive research on the psychological and social benefit of smiling. From increasing your self-esteem to increasing your level of happiness, the mere act of smiling has an impact on individual's well-being. So it is fair to say that if something tooth related is preventing the person from smiling then we need to fix it.

It is important to know that a dentist can not specialize to become a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is a collection of several specialties and a dentist who focuses in providing this type of treatment usually works with a team of colleagues and has in-depth knowledge of various fields. Cosmetic dentistry may treat puffy gums or the crowding of teeth or fix the gaps in between the teeth. It is important that the dentist knows not only the scientific principals of what makes a beautiful smile but also is closely familiar with the new technologies available.

Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry services are tooth whitening, veneers, gum treatments (such as treatment of gummy smile), resin bonding, implants (when located in the front of the mouth), silver filling replacement and orthodontics (braces).  These treatments often make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of a person giving them the confidence to show their true beautiful selves. For the dentist (and the patient) often this is very rewarding.

At Torrensville Dental Care, we can get you smile again.

Dr Amrein has been providing cosmetic dentistry solutions to her patients in Adelaide for the last 8 years. Please click on the link below to see some examples of the smile makeovers she has completed. One of her favourite treatments is  the provision of dental veneers. She does this using full porcelain (ceramic) materials with minimum  cutting of the natural tooth. http://www.adelaidecosmeticdentistry.com.au