Dental Veneers performed by Trusted Adelaide Dentists

Veneers, also know as 'dental veneers' or 'porcelain dental veneers' are thin shells that are "glued" on the visible surfaces of the teeth. Veneers are used to improve;

  • the colour,
  • the size,
  • the shape of the teeth
  • the aesthetic appearance of the smile and the whole face.

They are an excellent solution for:

  • severely discoloured teeth,
  • chipped or broken teeth,
  • worn-down teeth,
  • stained fillings 
  • mild crookedness.

As we age and our facial features begin to decent,  the top teeth are slowly covered by our top lip. Veneering the teeth can add bulk and length to the teeth making them visible again. This effect can often make the smile appear young.

Traditionally dental veneers are placed after cutting the tooth into a particular shape.

Modern techniques, however, allow us to place ceramic veneers on teeth with minimum or no cutting of the precious enamel of the tooth. Leaving the enamel intact means the tooth stays healthy and is not weakened by the process of veneering. Usually, no local anaesthetic or temporary veneers are needed. Each case, however,  needs to be assessed based on its own merit to determine suitability for this method.

Dr Amrein has been focusing on cosmetic dentistry for close to a decade. Having completed hundreds of makeovers, she can advise you with confidence if the treatment is suitable for you and how we can proceed. She often performs a mock-up to show you a concept of the treatment so you can visualise the final results.

Please call us on 71202719 to book a consultation about porcelain veneers.

The before and after examples of tooth veneer cases in the following link are actual patients of Dr Amrein. Please note results do vary among individuals.

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